Skype Drum Lessons

Professional drum lessons without even leaving the house...

Drumming via Skype is a great way to have lessons if you can't get to me. I teach drums to students all over the globe who otherwise wouldn't have been able to have drum lessons due to whatever reason.

Drum lessons through Skype? Sounds kinda weird!

Sounds it but it really works! Video lessons are the latest development in music tuition, only made possible by the super fast internet speeds most of us enjoy today.

They are a great way to enjoy drum lessons in the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about rushing to your lesson if you are running late, or having to run back home if you forget something.

What you need:

  • A Skype account
  • A decent internet connection (usually 4mbps is fine)
  • Your own drum kit, if electric it needs to run through an amp

What you get:

  • A great 1hr drum lesson with one of Manchester's best drum teachers
  • A recording of your lesson to help you practice afterwards
  • All lesson materials including notes, mp3's and YouTube links sent over instantly!

Cost for 1hr - £25

If you want to book or need any more information please E-mail me here and I'll get right back to you

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